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❥I have noticed something within the Ouran Fan Community and it’s been something that has upset me and a lot of my Ouran loving friends on here.

People seem to be completely in denial about Kaoru being a cannon homosexual and I have been verbally abused on here just because I simply stated the fact that Kaoru is gay. 

It shouldn’t even be a big deal, he’s a fictional character and even if he is, his sexuality shouldn’t be something for everybody to yell about.

So I present to you all the evidence of his sexuality from the official second volume of Ouran High School Host Club, it’s on the ‘Cast’ page for those who want to see themselves.

Hikaru is straight. Kaoru is gay.

For the love of everything, please stop being so ignorant towards the possibility of a gay character in a manga etc that isn’t strictly focusing on gay relationships and such.

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